Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Travel Update 17

Last Location: Steamboat & Denver, CO
Arrival Date: December 29, 2007
Departure Date: January 5, 2008

Current location: Silver Spring, MD
Arrival Date: January 5, 2008
Departure Date: January 11, 2008

Next stop: Charlottesville, Norfolk & Virginia Beach, VA

The weather has been great here in Silver Spring, though we are starting to get some rain now. I'll be heading down to Charlottesville in a few minutes to visit UVA Law. Then some more law school visits along the east coast next week. Nothing too exciting. It is really good to see my friends here, a big thanks to those of you who have come out or made plans to see me. Still, I'm looking forward to heading west again.

All pictures from Mexico through Colorado are finally posted, have fun with it:



Saturday, January 5, 2008

Random Travel Update 16

As it turns out, my travels are far from over. I struck gold a few weeks ago when my parents invited me to come with them to Steamboat, CO for a week-long ski vacation. I changed my LA-DC ticket in for a LA-Tucson ticket and was able to spend the holidays with the family in Arizona before making the 16 hour trek with my parents to Colorado.

Tucson was great as usual, though a little cooler than I would have liked having just come from the 80F summer beaches of Australia. But it was probably good to acclimate to winter at 30F before heading to what would get as low as -20F in Steamboat.

Spending Christmas with the relatives was refreshing. I had been craving a traditional American family dinner after being abroad for several months. The best part is that my cousin Mary surprised me by baking a vegan chocolate cake that tasted of pure chocolaty goodness. Unfortunately, I am a sucker for chocolate, despite it being generally at odds with my goal to one day eliminate refined sugar foods from my diet. I should have taken a picture.

Colorado is an amazing place. Steamboat is breathtaking, a snow junkie's paradise. It is also surprisingly veg-friendly for a resort town. We had great weather on the slopes for four out of six days, though I only went out for three since I managed to come down with a sinus/throat infection after dinner on the 25th. I still have a cough...wish I had more Chinese medicine.

Tomorrow I will fly back to the District of Columbia. If you live in DC, now is the time to call/text/email/message me to meet up. I will also me doing my best to answer emails that I haven't responded to yet. Please re-email me if I should have written you back and didn't.

There are a few more pictures on Picasa: I will try to have even more up by the end of the week after I commit to purchasing additional storage.