Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Law School Update 2

Last Location: New York, NY
Arrival Date: October 23, 2009
Departure Date: October 24, 2009

Current location: Washington, DC
Arrival Date: October 24, 2009
Departure Date: November 21, 2009

Next location: Tucson, AZ
Arrival Date: November 21, 2009
Departure Date: November 29, 2009

Just finished up week nine of the law school experience. Three more weeks until Thanksgiving, five more weeks until finals begin and seven more weeks until winter break and the end of semester one. But who's counting?

My only complaint is that the days here in DC are getting increasingly gloomy, despite the fact that the temps are currently hovering in the 60s. The inevitability of winter reminds me that I am going to be spending a lot of time indoors the next seven weeks and that the opportunity for hiking, camping, climbing, backpacking (if I could make the time) is quickly passing. This realization illuminates the dramatic lifestyle change I am embarking on as contrasted with the last few years, a feeling for which I will coin the term "Sudden Lifestyle Shift Syndrome" (SLSS). My SLSS is marked by a shift from educating myself by constantly moving to locations of new empirical information and stimulus to the opposite where I stay put and theoretical information is delivered to me to be absorbed and applied. I love the shift from empirical to theoretical but lament the newfound efficiency in my staying put to acquire it.

Jon was sweet to come visit me last week, which was fantastic, but was also a reality check on how little free time I have compared to the last two years. When he isn't here, I don't feel any busier than I've ever been. I have always kept myself occupied and I enjoy my studies similarly to the way I enjoyed working, volunteering and traveling between school. But now I have a vested interest in maintaining my enjoyment of my studies which is, to some extent, dependent on my not coming up with things that I'd rather be doing. Before law school, we were always seeking out bigger and better adventures and making grandiose day plans. Now such plans are relegated to the category of "distractions" on my "things to avoid in law school" list. Yet another illustration of SLSS.

That said, I have gotten out a little since starting school. I made it to the annual Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary Open House with a few other Gtowners last month. And Jon and I have been to New York City twice this fall, first to attend our friends' wedding and a second time to visit the same friends at their new apartment in Queens. Both trips were a lot of fun. Our friends are both animal advocates and the wedding reception was a vegan fantasy with unlimited quantities of brilliantly prepared vegan delicacies. Staying with them last weekend was even better since we were really able to spend time catching up. I was also able to tag along on a flight to Ocean City with a few of my pilot co-students and woke up at 4:30am one morning to get a seat for the US v. Stevens Supreme Court hearing. Pictures are up at:

I've been eating at home since returning to DC in an effort to save on budget, diet and travel time. This last two weeks I went crazy though and hit Asylum, Sticky Fingers, Ella's Pizzeria, Asia Bistro, Washington Deli, and Java Green. We also ordered several new soy cheese pizzas at Duccini's in Adam Morgan and went to the Chipotle in Dupont Circle to check out their new "Garden Blend: The other other white (not) meat burritos." It's a good time to be vegan in DC.

Hope all is well in the lives of you at home and on the road. Keep sending your pictures and updates. It is my turn to live vicariously through you.