Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Travel Update 28

Last Location: Youngpyungsa Temple, Gonju, ROK
Arrival Date: August 23, 2008
Departure Date: August 24, 2008

Current location: Seoul, ROK
Arrival Date: July 16, 2008
Departure Date: Undetermined

Next location: Undetermined

I love Dos Tacos. Not the way people love their significant others or family members even. No. This is that kind of pure, intelligently emotional love, reserved only for a perfect business design that has emerged miraculously as if from out of one of my dreams.

Dos Tacos has everything that a vegan internet junky from Arizona living in Seoul would want: wireless internet, fresh (not pre-mixed) margaritas, sautéed mushrooms, vegetarian refried beans, cilantro, guacamole, salt, cacti and a 3am closing time. All within walking distance from my home and work. I don't know if it possible to describe the significance of this find but I think it rivals that of marriage or maybe even college graduation. I am tempted to send out invitations.

I forgot to write a one-year anniversary update. I am sure you didn't notice, but the fourteenth marked a year since I wrote my very first update 28 updates ago (see attached email). This month also marks a year since I left DC and next month marks the anniversary of my first flight to Korea. So be impressed or don't. I am going to take a moment to feel nostalgic.

Ok. Back to Dos Tacos. Really. If you live in Seoul come meet me here. I may very well stay here all week. If you live in the US or Australia or some other country that has a large diversity of ethnic vegetarian cuisine to choose from, don't email me back. I don't want to here about your happy cosmopolitan ways. I will tell you what it's like to eat some combination of rice cakes or vegetables and rice for lunch five days a week. They don't even give me soy sauce half the time. Gangzajm.

I am posting pictures soon. Find them at:

Perhaps I will write about my job someday. (Yes I do work.) I teach children. I am now officially in the position of authority that I always dreamed I would never have. So much for dreams, though it isn't as bad as one might think. I just let them do everything I wish my teacher had let me do when I was their age. Hmm. It doesn't feel like that was so long ago. Another moment for nostalgia please…

Jon and I spent last weekend contemplating the meaning of life and aesthetic at a Buddhist Temple near the town of Gonju, about two hours South of Seoul by bus. It was idyllic and the weather was perfect for us. Pictures will explain more. Think lotus flowers and spiny chestnuts. I will try to have them up by next week. Not trying to be too ambitious ;)



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