Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Travel Review: Call for Questions

So I was thinking that, as my travels are starting to wind down and my Random Travel Updates may flow to a trickle in the months proceeding my entry into law school, I ought to write a mini random travel review answering questions that I have received up till now along with questions that you may have now along with a few questions that I have made up for myself randomly. Then I became worried that the idea may be too corny, and then I thought that I don't care if it is a little corny, I already have random questions to ask myself. That said, I actually do care some about it being corny and may scrap the whole idea if it gets too out of hand on my end. You, however, should feel free, in fact pressured, to send me any questions you may have about anything and everything that hasn't been covered in the last 47 RTUs. Ask as many questions as you like, I think more short questions will work better than fewer long ones. I will be compiling them and their answers over the course of the next week.

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