Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Law School Update 15

Location: Washington, DC

I would title this update "hope" but I worry that it sounds too dramatic. Maybe a better noun would be "optimism" or "excitement"... It is possible that we have found a route to remission from my ITP. Thanks to the theories of my mom and Jon's mom, Kathy, I went in for a special breath test for h. pylori, a bacterium that is known to be associated with my condition but was for whatever reason dismissed by my doctor. Turns out that I am positive for it which means that there is a possibility that my condition will improve if I am able to kill the h. pylori through a two-week intensive course of antibiotics and "acid suppressant". As I tend to be emotionally sensitive to new chemicals, Jon has flown to DC to help me cope with any adverse side effects. I feel happy.

The semester is going by amazingly fast. The last few weeks have been packed with excitement, heartbreak, distraction, clarity, happiness and youthful moments. I have been basking in epiphanies and pushing myself in all the right ways. I could go on for days about so many millions of pretty little things I think about, but this email is not the forum, and I must allocate my analytical efforts with law school in mind.

Which leads me to the next note. While my life in law school is as interesting to me as it ever was traveling, it doesn't lend itself as well to dissemination in email. As such, I am going to slenderize the list of people who I continue to update. I will continue to send updates to members of my family, close friends, and to anyone who has expressed interest in, or commented on my updates in the past. I will let the rest go for now. If you aren't sure whether you fall into one of the categories above and don't want to be let go, please send me an email. Otherwise, I will use my best judgement.

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