Sunday, April 1, 2012

Random Law School Update 32

Last Location: Hong Kong
Arrival Date: March 18, 2012
Departure Date: March 26, 2012

Current Location: Koh Samui, Thailand
Arrival Date: March 26, 2012
Departure Date: April 2, 2012

Next Location: Washington, DC
Arrival Date: April 3, 2012
Departure Date: Undetermined

Today I saw a sunset. I wanted to photograph it but was in the middle of doing some law school related things and thought that perhaps it could wait. But then I remembered that the colors of the setting sky do not stay the same for long. So I went out to the beach with my camera and enjoyed it.

I am in Thailand. I took a week off of school to come. It occurred to me that like the setting sky, life’s opportunities do not stay the same for long and one must occasionally sacrifice some productivity in order to pay attention to the most important things.

The circumstances that led to me being here now began about five months ago when I won the Georgetown International Arbitration competition. That led to me competing in the Vis East International Competition in Hong Kong last week, and that led to my mom convincing me to take the short three-hour flight to Thailand for a medical retreat.

It is cheaper to come to Thailand for a week than to spend one day in the Georgetown University Hospital. And there are more possibilities here. So after much deliberation, and having spent my entire Spring Break working, I decided to come.

I have been fasting for six days now. Who would have thought I could go one day without solid food, let alone six? But I have, and I feel fairly incredible. I hope it is a good sign.

I leave tomorrow for a 32 hour journey back to DC. The last two weeks have been important. Being back in Asia has made me quite sentimental. Sentimental for Meghan, who passed away two years ago this month and who I met in Seoul five years ago this July. Sentimental for a hundred beautiful memories that I made with her and our mutual friends who have since scattered across the globe. I miss you all dearly.



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